Welcome to our exclusive enclave within the expansive “100 Mothers in Business” blog, where we invite you to step into our community members with personal narratives from mothers and women, who are trailblazing the landscape of exceptional BUSINESS services. In this distinguished corner of the blog, we embark on a journey to explore the deeply personal and extraordinary stories of these mothers who not only navigate the dynamic world of business services but do so with an indomitable spirit.


In the dynamic world of business, with a special emphasis on mothers, these women exemplify an unwavering spirit as they deftly navigate the intricate balance between entrepreneurship and motherhood.

Within this specialized segment, we delve into the captivating stories, hurdles, and triumphs of mother/founders who leave an indelible mark on the business services landscape. Join us as we cast a spotlight on these women, celebrating their resilience, innovation, and the unique perspectives they bring to the broader business narrative.

From consultancy to coaching, marketing to management, the mother/founders and women featured here redefine success in the realm of business services. Infusing their professional prowess with a profound understanding of the dynamics of motherhood, they shatter barriers and establish new benchmarks. Managing the demands of both business and family, their resilience and determination serve as a powerful testament to their extraordinary journeys.

Throughout this article, we invite you to explore the inspiring narratives of these women, unravel the challenges they’ve surmounted, and appreciate the inventive solutions they bring to the forefront of the business services industry.

Without further ado, let’s meet the dynamic women and mother/founders who are pioneering the way in business services. (In no particular order…)



1.  Rani Sherin Idris :  Founder – Consciousness Network

Growth Facilitator

Rani believes that it gives deep joy to be a facilitator of personal growth. “To me, this is my highest calling and in line with the nurturing role of a mother. My clarity and self-awareness allow me to be a present mother to my two children. And their presence helps me connect with my inner child and my sense of wonder and mystery!” she adds. Read her full story

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2. Lavania Hajji:  Founder – Dance Embassy and Tinted Wateva

Dance Activities & Empowering Women 

Even when I went through a tough phase in my life, battling with depression etc, dance was my avenue out and I realised how much it can actually help others as well. I started my own company then. After becoming a mom, somehow, I seem to have inspired more moms to join the bandwagon and now we have a community of moms as well in our dance classes. Read her full story

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3. Mangla Sachdev: Founder – Expat business in a bag

Business Coaching & Automations for Email Marketing

Mangla, having established businesses in nearly every city, encountered the recurring challenge of packing up and bidding farewell to clients who had grown into friends with each relocation. Presently, Mangla has successfully founded a business with the mission of assisting others facing similar circumstances: Read her full story

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4 Rebecca Downie: Founder – Rebecca Downie Photography

Brand Photography

Rebecca says she searched for jobs in photography and came across a franchise for newborn photography.  She added that IT wasn’t the most successful business but it got her started and she learned a lot about what NOT to do. Read her full story

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5. Rena Ahuja :  Founder – Getdigireach

Social Media Paid Marketing 

Five years ago in Hong Kong, the passion-driven venture, Getdigireach, was initiated by its Rena. Starting as a trailing spouse, the founder, in a quest to test and apply skills, observed the businesses around while settling into a new life. What commenced as informal Coffee Chats evolved into a full-fledged business:Read her full story

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6.  Adelphia Lim:  Founder – For The Love of Socials

Social Media Marketing Agency

Adelphia is the founder of a Social Media Agency and has worked with 30+ brands across different industries, helping them to amplify their brand storytelling on socials and build a following of loyal fans. No matter the industry or business size, she brings the brand to life and makes social media easy: Read her full story

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7  Jerica Lew:  Founder – KOVA

Branding & Social Media Agency

Jerica launched her first business KOVA intending to explore branding as a medium to drive impact. She realized that there was a lot of noise in the branding and marketing world, a lot of promoting but not enough listening. “Often, the solutions are right there when we listen, and I found solace in helping founders to convey their thoughts in a visual-forward manner that brings their purpose to life,” said Jerica. Read her full story

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8. Kiranjit Dharsan

Intellectual Property lawyer

Connect here


9. Zoe Leong

Startup Lawyer across Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia

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9. Cristina Stella Longmuir

 Infrastructure & Cyber Security recruitment team

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10. Elizabeth Taylor

Corporate Trainer & Consultant, Coach

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(Click Names to know more about their stories)

  1. Alethea Bleyberg: Founder -The Learning Curve Education Consulting Ltd   ( Education)

2. Charu Surtani: Founder- Diet events( Events)









3. Dana wolf: Founder- ANJIA LIVING( Consulting)


4. Janani Satyajit: Founder- Wordly wise( Copywriting)


5. Jinny Nevatia: Founder- Advaita (event planner )


6. Lena wong: Founder-  Womentors Ltd and Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs Ltd(Supporting Wome)


7. Michelle Hon: Founder- Mom Boss Academy( Supporting Women)


8. Purvi Shah: Founder- Thinkers to writers( Copy writing)

9. Lindsay  Davis: Founder-  FemTech Association Asia( Supporting Femtech)


10. Polly Setunga: Founder- Conscious Paper( B2B Sustainability Products)


11. Poornima TM: Founder- Penthusiasts( Consulting)


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In closing, the stories of these remarkable mother entrepreneurs in the business services sector serve as a powerful reminder of the boundless possibilities that come with determination, dedication, and a passion for both business and motherhood.


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