Welcome to our exclusive enclave within the expansive “100 Mothers in Business” blog, where we invite you to step into our community members with personal narratives from mothers and women, who are trailblazing the landscape of FOOD. In this distinguished corner of the blog, we embark on a journey to explore the deeply personal and extraordinary stories of these mothers who not only navigate the dynamic world of business services but do so with an indomitable spirit.

These visionary founders, with a passion for good food and a deep understanding of nutrition, are crafting innovative, healthy, and delectable solutions that feed both body and soul. Their businesses in the food and nutrition sector and ranges from culinary delights to dietary guidance and wellness products. In this article, we embark on a journey to explore the inspiring world of founders in the realm of food and nutrition, celebrating their dedication, creativity, and the profound impact they have on our tables and our well-being.

Meet the Mother/ founders who who not only nourish their families but also the world, one plate and one healthy choice at a time.


1.Jasmin Dhillon: Founder- Eat with Jasime

Food Nutrionalist/ Health Coach

Jasmin, a mother of three boys, operates Eat With Jasmin as a nutritional health coach. Having personally lost and sustained a weight loss of over 30kg, she is dedicated to assisting women in overcoming yo-yo dieting by emphasizing the importance of nourishing their bodies. Link to her IG

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2. Anna lees: Founder- HealthywithAnia

Plant-Based Food Nutrionalist

Anna Lees is a foodie, her company ‘HealthyWithAnia’ was born from her love of food and a passion for healthy eating. She believes that healthy eating is much more than just fitting into ‘skinny jeans’. With her workshops, nutritional programs and corporate offers, She wants to show you that a healthy diet can change the quality of your life. Read her full story

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More MOTHERS & WOMEN  IN THE SPACE Food & Nutrition

(Click Names to know more about their stories)

  1. Anita G: Founder- Nutribe ( Nutrional Products) 

2. Deepika Saluja: Founder- Guilt-Free Delights ( Plant Based) 

3. Divya Butani: Founder- The veggie wifey (Nutrionalist) 

4. Push Sharma: Founder- Haldiplus Nutrition ( Product Based) 

5. Himani: Founder- Wholistic health ( Food & Health Space) 


In conclusion, the stories of these incredible mompreneurs in the food and nutrition sector showcase the extraordinary fusion of motherly care, culinary creativity, and a deep commitment to well-being. Their ventures, whether in cooking, dietary guidance, or wellness products, go beyond just satisfying taste buds; they aim to nurture the health and happiness of families and communities. These women redefine the meaning of a home-cooked meal and demonstrate that when mothers step into the world of food and nutrition, they serve up a delicious blend of love, innovation, and a healthier, more nourished future for all of us to savor. They are the epitome of the old saying:


“The way to someone’s heart is through their stomach.”



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