Welcome to our exclusive enclave within the expansive “100 Mothers in Business” blog, where we invite you to step into our community members with personal narratives from mothers and women, who are trailblazing the landscape of exceptional  Health and wellness. In this distinguished corner of the blog, we embark on a journey to explore the deeply personal and extraordinary stories of these mothers who not only navigate the dynamic world of business services but do so with an indomitable spirit.

This remarkable group of women/mothers-turned-entrepreneurs stands at the forefront, redefining what it means to nurture and care for both themselves and others. These extraordinary women are not just wellness advocates, fitness enthusiasts, and holistic health gurus but their ventures in the health and wellness sector encompass a wide range of offerings, from fitness programs and wellness coaching to natural remedies and mental health support.

In this article, we delve into the inspiring world of founders in the field of health and wellness, celebrating their dedication to nurturing healthier lives, promoting well-being, and helping individuals achieve balance and resilience. Join us as we explore the transformative journeys of these women who not only balance the demands of motherhood/entrepreneurship but also guide us toward a path of lasting health and vitality.

Meet the mother/ founders members who are inspiring nurturing holistic well-being and empowering healthy lifestyles in the realm of health and wellness:


  1. Ashin Alexia: Founder- Alexia’s Oils

Ashin discovered her passion for aromatherapy at the age of 18, where she personally witnessed its remarkable effects on various ailments, skin issues, and hair problems. Upon becoming a mother, she recognized the potential of aromatherapy in bridging gaps left by modern medicine. Her oils, sourced ethically from Australia and cruelty-free, are meticulously hand-blended with love in Singapore… Read her full story

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2. Nat: Founder- Infinite wellness

Nat’s business is a social enterprise that advocates for the significance of achieving balance in the body, mind, and spirit. It provides thoughtfully curated therapeutic classes and workshops.. Read her full story

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3. Sandeep Chopra: Founder- Flex n Flow with Sandy 

As a mother of two, Sandeep Chopra took charge and transformed her lifestyle when faced with health issues. This endeavor soon evolved into her passion for enhancing health and embracing a holistic way of life. With the goal of empowering an increasing number of women to reach their highest potential, she strives to inspire positive change… Read her full story

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4. Stephanie scheuller: Founder- State of reiki

Following Stephanie’s completion of both basic and advanced Reiki training, she found herself inspired to extend her healing touch to those experiencing aches and pains. Beginning with friends and family, she soon received requests for Reiki through referrals. It led her to question why she shouldn’t share her knowledge and be of service to a broader audience. Read her full story

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5. Iva Perez: Founder- Momergy movement

 As a mother/founder she realized we are truly a unique breed, raising a family and growing a business while sharing our unique gifts with the world. Doing what we love and loving what we do is a great privilege.. Read her full story

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6. Yongyan: Founder- Healthoptix

Yongyan, formerly engaged in branding with demanding work hours and health concerns, found the lifestyle unsustainable. Amid the COVID years, a shift occurred as she ventured into branding a health business. Subsequently, she was invited to co-found a new venture, opening up a blue ocean in the realm of Micronutrition and propelled by cutting-edge Health-tech. This endeavor marked the exploration of an entirely new world… Read her full story

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7. Onkar: Founder- 

“Be U Til Full” emerged from a trauma awakening when mainstream treatments proved ineffective, leaving Onkar to navigate the journey alone. In the quest for answers within, the significance of personal well-being on all levels became apparent. Prior to the trauma, Onkar had been an Empowerment Coach, reveling in witnessing the positive transformations in clients... Read her full story

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8. Jyothi: Founder- Ritual wellness


Dr. Jyothi, a Mental Health Counselor and Homeopathic Physician, practices as a Homeopath Counselor, focusing on the art of healing..Link to her IG 

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9. Sowmya mysoor: Founder- 

Sowmya is a Dreams & Symbolic language therapist. She will help uncover the symbolic depths and meaning behind artwork for self discovery. Link to her IG 

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10. Atika: 

Atika is passionate about empowering individuals to deal with their personal and professional issues and achieve greater success and actively counsels her clients across India and South East Asia.She has undergone several training sessions and is a certified Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner & Gottman Method Couples Therapy Level 3. Link to her linkedIn 

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11. Monica: Founder- United healing sanctuary

 Monica is the founder of United Healing Sanctuary (UHS). UHS aims to nurture mental and physical well-being through heart-centered dialogue and activities in safe spaces.Monica believes that all women should feel safe on campus and have their voices heard... Link to her IG

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12. Dr. Elaine: Founder- Mindbodyfoodpain

Link to her IG 

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  1. Anca Griffiths: Founder- OM

2. Anuja Chowdhry: Founder- Anuja Health & Wellness

3.  Ayeshah SaleemAsghar: Founder- The happiness fit

4. Camilla Knight: Founder- Creative Connection

5. Lani: Founder- LS5 health & wealth solutions

6. Priyanka Tiku Gupta: Founder- PTG Wellness

7. Veena Dansinghani: Founder- NAVEDA Wellness Centre


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In conclusion,  The stories of these exceptional mompreneurs in the health and wellness sector embody the perfect fusion of motherly love, personal well-being, and a commitment to fostering healthier lives. Whether through fitness, wellness coaching, holistic remedies, or mental health support, these women exemplify the powerful impact of balancing motherhood with entrepreneurship in the pursuit of well-being. They not only inspire but also guide us towards healthier, more balanced, and resilient lives. These remarkable women are transforming the landscape of health and wellness, leaving behind a legacy of empowerment, vitality, and a brighter, healthier future for all to embrace..


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