The face behind KOVA Branding| MRKT Creative- Jerica Liew

What’s your story?

Frustrated with the rigidity of a corporate work structure, 2020 saw me leaving that world and entering knee-deep into the sect of entrepreneurship. I was particularly fascinated by the world of brand building and design automation, how these are used as a medium to drive impact.

I realised that there was a lot of noise in the branding and marketing world, a lot of promoting but not enough listening. Often, the solutions are right there when we listen, and I found solace in helping founders to convey their thoughts in a visual-forward manner that brings their purpose to life.

I launched my first business KOVA with the intention of exploring branding as a medium to drive impact.

Following KOVA’s principle of providing only what is essential for a holistic strategy and visual identity, I proceeded to launch MRKT, a design automation studio with a central goal of empowering female entrepreneurs and small business owners. The intersection of gender and entrepreneurship was another gap in the industry I wanted to help. MRKT is designed as an intuitive platform allowing founders to automate the creation of digital assets necessary to grow their brands.



What would you like to say to fellow mothers or women thinking of starting a business?

Just do it! Launch that product, purchase that course, pick up that book. We always convince ourselves out of doing the things that we don’t realise will bring us the most fulfilment. Start before you feel ready.


What are three words you would use to describe your experience of being a Founder?

Authenticity. Impact. Joy.


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