Who is Rebecca Downie from Rebecca Downie Photography?

What’s your story?

I started my business as I couldn’t take the guilt of my son being the first dropped off, and the last picked up from nursery. I started a couple of working-from-home jobs, but they didn’t fill my cup and make use of my talents. So I looked to go alone. 

I searched jobs in photography and came across a franchise for newborn photography. IT wasn’t the most successful business but it got me started and I learned a lot about what NOT to do.

What is your passion? Why do you do, What you do?

My passion is empowering Singapore-based women leaders and founders to proudly take the space they deserve. This comes from my early days in business seeing business owners , namely mother founders, struggle with confidence and the skills to show up as their best selves online. I have invested in training in this genre and now feel best placed to support business women.

How do you bring BALANCE to your roles as MOTHER:FOUNDER:SELF?
I build in breaks in my day, and I make sure I am around most evenings for the kids. I try to work smart and look where I will get the most returns for my time. I love what I do but I don’t want to do it all the time! I like to swim, meet friends, relax and be with my kids.

Any recent accomplishment you would like to share with us? (personal/professional)
I have launched two businesses in Singapore (I also run The Athena Network) within months of arriving and built two solid brands that are successful quickly. I want to share what I did so others can know it is possible.


What would you like to say to fellow mothers or women thinking of starting a business?
As a mother founding my own business has been the best thing. Yes there are hard days, lots of self doubt and ups and downs. I wouldn’t swap the freedom for anything! So if you are thinking about it DO IT!


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