The face behind Be U Til Full- Onkar O’om

What’s your story?

I’m a Multidimensional Coach/Healer and Founder at Be U Til Full. I know many of us have done a lot of work on personal development and even spent thousands of $$$ in different healings and energy work. What is most frustrating is that even after spending soooo much time and money, many of us still haven’t achieved what we really wanted to achieve, whether it was success in personal life, business, career, or relationships. We still feel that void and feel that there’s an unseen, hidden, transparent block somewhere that U can’t put your finger on. And no, I’m not talking about just Mindset or Limiting beliefs. Mindset, although a very important aspect, can only be a part of the cause and solution but not necessarily the whole cause or whole solution. This is where I come in. I look at U and your situation Wholistically. Most people only work from mindset to energetic levels and I have been helping people resolve their issues from a consciousness level, where everything starts. Merging traditional healing methods with cutting-edge technology, the therapy that l use creates your own personalised analysis, based on your unique energy field. We then treat the root causes whether they are in your conscious/sub-conscious level, so that you can live the Healthy, Joyful and Abundant Life that U deserve in Person, Relationships and Business. I help U discover what’s REALLY Blocking U and then harmonise those imbalances. Not just mindset. On Every level: *Physical *Psychological *Emotional *Energetic *Karmic (Life Lessons) *Consciousness.


How & Why did you start your company/passion work? 

Be U Til Full was born as a result of a trauma awakening when mainstream treatments failed and left me on my own. I looked for answers within and realised then, the importance of my own personal well-being, on all levels. I was an Empowerment Coach prior to the trauma. I loved seeing the positive transformations in my clients. I worked on my own healing holistically. It was my time to transform Stress, Shame, Fear and Not Feeling Good Enough into Confidence, Self-love and Joy to live a thriving life, fearlessly!! Gradually, l resumed helping others again, using the tools that l had gathered during my own healing journey. It’s so fulfilling to help another see past their limitations and find joy and self-love (again). Be U Til Full is more than a business; it’s a movement dedicated to creating non-judgemental and supportive communities where individuals can flourish without fear of others’ opinions. At Be U Til Full, we stand for confident, healthy, and joyful adults who are celebrated for their U-ness. Our commitment is to provide cutting-edge tools for wholistic wellbeing, helping U overcome the challenges of anxiety, depression, trauma, and more. Our promise is to empower U to live a thriving and fulfilling life, fearlessly by unwrapping the gift U are and loving yourself first. Let us help U, Be U Til Full.


What would you like to say to fellow mothers or women thinking of starting a business? 

There are soooo many opportunities!!! See what you really love… U don’t wanna be overwhelmed. I feel a Business idea needs to come from within, something U are really inspired by and passionate about. It’s a very personal and spiritual journey. How and what U create in the world, and what problems it solves for your audience, is a great service. It’s not easy, but definitely worth it. Your joy and passion of what U will be doing, is what will get U through U on rainy days.

What are three words you would use to describe your experience of being a Mother/Founder ? 

Growing, Connecting, Empowering

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