Who is Camilla Knight from Creative Connection?

What Was your crossroad Moment?

As Camilla says:

My crossroad moment: My crossroads happened before I was a mum. I was living in London and had a demanding corporate job, I was young and still in ‘people pleaser’ mode which eventually led to a panic attack. When I went to my Doctor he said ‘you need to learn to breath, there is a yoga studio above the surgery’.. and that was it! I suddenly realised that there was a different way to live a life and BE and I realised that I am the master of my own destiny as I stepped out of victim mode and started to create a life i’d dreamed of. I had my son at 40 years old with ease, he was a dream come true (having been told I couldn’t have children). I am so grateful that I can be around for him fully by not working a 9-5 yes there are sacrifices that come with working sporadic hours and having an inconsistent income but its totally worth it!

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