Who is Nat from Infinite Wellness / Curious Baby Elephant Artisanal Studio?

What’s your story?

My name is Nat. The founder of these 2 social enterprises, Infinite Wellness and Curious Baby Elephant Artisanal Studio.

I have always love to create, design, strategize and build a brand… see how far it can grow and how it impacts the society, community, humanity, and the world.

These 2 brands were built from the love of how we can help humankind and how we can give back.

i) Curious Baby Elephant Artisanal Studio
Curious Baby Elephant: https://www.curiousbabyelephant.com/
FB & IG: @curiousbabyelephant

A social enterprise that believes in sustaining a balanced ecosystem in the world for our future generation. Our crafted baby and children’s products are made of natural, organic, eco-friendly materials. They are meticulously sourced for its purest certified material, quality, safety standards and sustainable nature. Each product and category are driven by a cause and has a strong concept behind it. Every purchase, gives back.

ii) Infinite Wellness Studio
Infinite Wellness: https://infinite-wellness.org/
FB & IG: @infinitewellnessorg

A social enterprise that supports the importance of a balanced body, mind, and spirit. We offer curated therapeutic classes and workshops.

BODY: Exercise. Sleep. Nutrition.

“I am physically active, eat mostly whole foods, and prioritize my sleep”.

MIND: Meditation. Reflection. Perspective.

“I am aware of my emotions – I tune into myself, express gratitude, and positive affirmations. I engage in creative and stimulating activities that helps me find my peace and balance”.

SPIRIT: Purpose. Renewal. Connection.

“I am aware of my purpose in the community. I find kindness, joy and happiness in the little things and the love of nature”.

We hope that what we offer can help raise awareness and make the difference in the world, and overall help to raise the level of collective consciousness of humanity.



Any recent accomplishment you would like to share with us? (personal/professional)

Recently, Curious Baby Elephant Artisanal Studio has won “Parent & Baby Awards 2023: Best Artisan Baby Bib Designers 2023 – Hong Kong”. We are so blessed and grateful.

Find & Know More about Nat and her brand! Nat is a member of the The Mother/Founder Movement & Community

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