The face behind Wholistic Health- Himani Kapoor

What’s your story?

My journey from being a corporate girl to moving toward as a health coach. I worked in the financial service industry for 11 years and hold a Master of Business Administration degree in Marketing and Human Resources. Always been a corporate girl. Growing up, I was an obese child, an unhealthy teenager, and always an overweight person, heaviest at 95kg. I would have tried a zillion fad diets and consulted multiple nutritionists, and dieticians. Nothing was working for me, in my mind I was working very hard and doing all the right things but I was seeing minimum results. I have always been passionate about health and fitness. I decided to take some radical decisions towards my health and well-being – I signed up at Institute for Integrative Nutrition, NY. I truly believe in the concept of Bio-individuality – the fact that there is no “one size fits all” diet. Diets don’t work. You cannot be on a diet for lifelong. Diets are not sustainable, a healthy lifestyle is. You need to understand what food works for you and how your body is responding to the different food groups. Social distractions, vacations, travel are a big part of our life’s. We need to learn to enjoy those without having to feel guilty about diet breaks or diet cheats.


How & Why did you start your company/passion work? Did you have a crossroad moment? 

Many crossroad moments. I was filled with many doubts and uncertainties, will I be able to do this? Am I making the right choice.?Deep down I was always passionate about health and nutrition but never thought I could make it as a career. Finally, I trusted my instincts and decided to go for it.


How do you bring BALANCE to your roles as MOTHER:FOUNDER:SELF? 

That’s the hardest part, being a mother you need to not only be responsible for your business but for your family. But I am very fortunate that my daughter is very understanding and my biggest supporter for my venture.


What would you like to say to fellow mothers or women thinking of starting a business? 

Believe in yourself and just do it.


Would you like us to highlight previous/current accomplishments? ( personal/ professional) 

I love seeing my clients achieve their health goals. Its most satisfying and filling part of my job.


What are three words you would use to describe your experience of being a Mother/Founder ? 

Its overwhelming, exciting, and fulfilling



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