Who is Anita G from the Nutribe?

As Anita says:

I am running an online store at Lazada and Shoppee called Nutribe which is into healthy food products like cereal bars, Museli , cookies which are preservative free with no added sugar. I am a mother of two children and had left my 10 years MNC job and followed my husband since 2016 to Poland-Hongkong-Singapore. I have been also an angle investor in several startups in India and Hongkong. It was in Singapore I realised that when my kids go to school everyday the breakfast I use to give them often was sugar loaded or with preservatives and it was that moment for me that I had a thought of creating my own food distribution business and source natural food products unlike those available in market. Being a mother and a founder my experience is quite rich as I get to fulfil on both roles which gives me a sense of purpose. To all my mothers out there who are thinking of starting their own business I would say is if today we take courage to beyond what you see is comfortable only then you will know what you think wasn’t possible is really possible . Be the inspiration you want to be for yourself and that will inspire others.

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