The face behind Shirt by Hand Singapore- Sharon Jacotine!

What’s your story?

I’m a mum to two girls, 17 and 13. I have just embarked on a venture here in Singapore selling tailor-made men’s business shirts. It’s a Singapore franchise called Shirt by Hand with the parent company in the Netherlands. I do the measuring and orders are placed through the website.

I love keeping busy and have had a few part-time roles in Singapore from baking to selling furniture. I deviated quite a bit from my career in IT many moons ago and have really enjoyed being able to focus on other areas of interest.

The opportunity to establish the Singapore entity of Shirt by Hand came through a friend and I was ready to take on the challenge with me being my own boss.


How & Why did you start your company/passion work? 

I had just finished a job and a friend asked if I would like to manage a business in Singapore. I felt that I was ready for the challenge! I guess you always have doubts but never know until you try it!


What would you like to say to fellow mothers or women thinking of starting a business?

Give it a go, you always find the strength in you once you start. Nothing is impossible and you deal with each hurdle as it comes.


What are three words you would use to describe your experience of being a Mother/Founder ?

Challenging, fun, empowering.



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