The face behind Chomcharm- Phawinee Larque

What’s your story?

I would describe myself, first and foremost, as a proud mother of two beautiful girls. My journey with Chomcharm is driven by my passion for infusing joy into people’s lives through exquisite artisan-made kaolin ceramics. This mission is deeply inspired by the experiences and joys of motherhood, which add a layer of inspiration to everything I do.


How & Why did you start your company/passion work? 

My journey with Chomcharm began during my travels around the world when I discovered the unique beauty of kaolin ceramics. This moment was a crossroads for me as I realized that these exquisite pieces, beloved in Europe for their timeless elegance and craftsmanship, had the potential to captivate discerning customers in Singapore. The desire to share this unique beauty and enduring charm with my wonderful friends in Singapore fueled the creation of Chomcharm.


How do you bring BALANCE to your roles as MOTHER: FOUNDER: SELF? 

Balancing the roles of a mother-founder and personal well-being can be a juggling act. I prioritize by setting boundaries and creating a structured schedule that allows me to allocate dedicated time for both my business and my family. It’s important to find moments for self-care to stay energized and focused.


Any recent accomplishment you would like to share with us? (personal/professional) 

One of our recent professional accomplishments is the successful launch of our website, where we offer our customers a curated selection of artisan-made ceramics and driftwood home decor. Additionally, we’ve had the privilege of participating in esteemed events like Design Fair Asia, where we showcased our exquisite creations to a wider audience, receiving positive feedback and building valuable connections.

What would you like to say to fellow mothers or women thinking of starting a business? 

To all the mothers and women contemplating starting a business, I would say this: Believe in yourself and your vision. Embrace the unique qualities and experiences that make you who you are, as they will be your greatest assets on this journey. Don’t be afraid to seek support and advice from mentors, and never underestimate the power of resilience and determination.

What are three words you would use to describe your experience of being a Mother/Founder ? 

Dynamic, Creative, Multifaceted


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