World Mental Health Day is an important occasion to shed light on the mental well-being of women, especially mothers, who often face unique challenges in their journey towards self-care and mental wellness.

We asked the members of our meetmumz community : What is that challenge that as women/mothers takes precedence over our self-focus on mental health? 

In response to the question on how mothers and mother/founders tackle the challenges faced as they prioritize over their mental health, mothers from diverse backgrounds shared their thoughts. Their responses unveil critical issues, but they also provide insights into what mothers truly need to embrace a mindset of mental wellness. 

Challenges That Take Precedence:

Challenge 1: Stigma and Judgment

Mothers highlighted the persistent stigma, judgment, and shame associated with seeking help for mental health concerns. Many fear that asking for help might make them appear “weak, crazy, not in control”. This stigma often prevents them from taking the crucial step of reaching out for support, even when they desperately need it. The ability to provide them with a conducive environment that opens the conversations without stigma or judgment is what society, families, organizations, and communities should promote! Changing the narrative and the mindset bias!

Challenge 2: Relying on Willpower

The second significant challenge discussed was the reliance on sheer willpower to manage life’s demands. Mothers often find themselves in a constant juggling act, trying to maintain control over various responsibilities, schedules, ad-hoc requests and especially for stay-at-home mothers, the “always” available mindset. This reliance on willpower can lead to burnout and exhaustion as they overlook the root causes of their stress and anxiety. Consciously Changing the Narrative to understand and respect that “stay-at-home” mothers are also working. 

Challenge 3: The Domino Effect

Mothers emphasized that their mental health doesn’t exist in isolation; it has a profound impact on their families, especially their children. When mothers neglect their well-being, it can create a ripple effect, affecting the emotional health of their loved ones. Thus, they recognize the importance of prioritizing their mental health not only for themselves but for the sake of their families. As they say, a Happy Mom, a Happy Society! 

Challenge 4: Social Media’s Influence

Mothers also discussed the role of social media in their lives. While it can be a valuable platform for connection and support, it can also contribute to feelings of inadequacy. The comparison with others’ seemingly perfect lives portrayed on social media can lead to anxiety, isolation, and burnout. It is KEY to understand the difference between REAL and REEL. Each motherhood journey is at a different stage and experience. Focussing on YOU is crucial towards BELIVING IN WHAT YOU ARE DOING IS ENOUGH!!

Responses and Insights:

Mothers shared valuable insights on these challenges, emphasizing the need to break the stigma around mental health, address root causes rather than relying on temporary coping mechanisms, and recognize the importance of mental wellness as a family affair. They highlighted that seeking help is an act of strength, not weakness, and that self-care is not selfish but essential for everyone’s well-being.


1. It’s crucial to normalize discussions about mental health and encourage mothers to seek help without fear of judgment.

2. Addressing the root causes of stress and anxiety is essential for long-term mental wellness.

3. The well-being of mothers has a significant impact on their families, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing self-care.

4. While social media can be a valuable tool for connection, it’s essential to use it mindfully and avoid unhealthy comparisons.



On World Mental Health Day, let us remember that mothers play a central role in their families’ well-being. Their mental health should be a priority, not an afterthought. By addressing the challenges they face and embracing a mindset of mental wellness, we can create a world where mothers thrive, setting a positive example for their children and families.


Article inspired by discussions catered by Members of the Meetmumz Community of Mothers & Founders – Iva Perez, Rena, Pallavi, Michelle , Ekta and others! 


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