The face behind Altereco –  Vrinda Jain!

What’s your story?

I am passionate about zero-waste, upcycling and sustainability since many years. When I had my first child, I took a career break and decided to volunteer with an NGO to finally pursue my passion. They provided skill training and employment to differently abled individuals, and used “waste” from homes and factories to make lifestyle products. I worked on content, marketing and strategy for different projects. When my second child was 3 months old, we experienced an “airpocalypse” that planted a thought in my mind that Delhi cannot be home for us anymore. We decided to move to Singapore in 2019, for a better quality of life and I launched my startup Altereco in 2021 to promote sustainable behaviour through the medium of Upcycled products, created from waste and made by hand. Our accessories, stationery and gifts are designed with thought and crafted for impact.


How & Why did you start your company/passion work? 

I was a teen when I became curious about solid waste management, thanks to a photo exhibit by Sudhakar Olwe at a popular Arts festival in Mumbai in 2001, about the conservancy workers in the local municipal corporation. The nature of their work was shocking and appalling.



How do you bring BALANCE to your roles as MOTHER: FOUNDER: SELF?

Learning to take care of myself and be compassionate towards myself.


What would you like to say to fellow mothers or women thinking of starting a business?

Think deeply about why you want to start a business and keep revisiting it.


What are three words you would use to describe your experience of being a Mother/Founder ?

It’s a rollercoaster – exciting, challenging, with lots of ups and downs.



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