Who is Shaily Sharda from Escential the Body Tonic?

As Shaily says: 

I have grown up seeing my mother concoct wellness recipes using fresh ingredients straight from her kitchen. I have seen the results and benefits first-hand. This instilled a strong sense of belief that healthy happy skin can be achieved naturally by utilizing pantry staples that are fresh, safe, sustainable and truly results driven! Being consistent is key.

Drawing strength from her to reconnect with my roots and acting on the urge to reduce toxin exposure with low-waste, environment-friendly products, I bid farewell to my corporate career and onboarded a new entrepreneurial journey to simplify bath-skin routine with natural formulations that are made to truly care for your skin and also give back to the planet, each day.

I wish your skin enjoys using our products. Each one has a story, a childhood memory. Let’s begin simplifying bath-skin routines with these natural formulations. Let’s show our children early on to care for their skin and be kind to the environment. Healthy happy skin is a process.”

Balance to me isn’t an everyday equal split. Some days the mother trumps, some days the founder and other times the self! When each part is addressed with honesty and complete dedication of being present in that moment, balance is achieved because the whole feels fulfilled. It’s not easy, takes so much conscious practice and yet there are times when you lose perspective. That is the moment to remind yourself and reset to move on.

Entrepreneurship is a tough & at times lonely yet extremely busy journey. As you navigate the early days, in addition to a solid business plan, you must have an equally amazing support system that will have your back in the most difficult moments. So the mother in you can forge ahead knowing that her world is cared for while she realizes her dreams.

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