Who is Geetika Agarwal from Geetika Agarwal Coaching?

I was born in Kenya to upper-middle-class Indian parents. Both educated. Both were extremely happy at the birth of a girl child. I have always been treated at par with my brother. Taught to be fiercely independent, opinionated, well-read, and allowed to chase my dreams.

We moved to India in 1994, as a lot of the people we knew were moving back due to educational and familial reasons.

Excelled in school, bagging top-ranking positions not because I am intelligent or clever but because the most important attribute that has come to me by my genes – to work hard.

Got into a good engineering college. Started my working life in a good IT services company.


Something changed. On paper, everything looks great, too good to be true. Yet here I was feeling empty, without any purpose extremely sad and unhappy. For 4 years I woke up crying not wanting to go to work.

My parents moving to another city gave me the strength and courage to quit this safety net I had created for myself and go look for something that would satisfy me, and lead me toward my purpose and calling.

I happened to join learning and development. I began to enjoy it. I also excelled at it.

Life throws curve balls when you least expect it to.

I got married and moved countries. Very happy events.

I gave up my job. Very confusing period of my life.

While undergoing this transition –

I lost my confidence.
I lost independence.
I lost focus on my goals.

It took me 4 years before I could finally find my ground.


In 2020, right when the pandemic hit, I got the wonderful news that I am going to be a mother. I gave birth to a lively, lovely bouncy happy child in Dec 2020 exactly in the midst of the pandemic. I went through my pregnancy and postpartum all alone as my family could not travel due to travel restrictions.

It was a very challenging period YET

I was confident, raring to go, and totally aware of how my time would look like with an infant in my arms.

This is what inspired me to start the program ‘Women in Transition’. We also have a small community of women on Facebook with the same name and in Dec 2021, I launched an activity book – Women in Transition available on Amazon Kindle that outlines short, simple, and introspective activities that will help Women to develop their own goals using their own strengths and awareness about themselves.

I am a leadership coach and I help women in leadership positions and women in transition understand, analyze, and OWN their stories and show the world what they are capable of.

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