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A platform creating a safe space for mothers to network and find verified information from expert led conversations! From pregnancy and beyond, brands and specialists, coaches to early childhood care providers, health and mental wellness or trusted lifestyle photographers. Our one stop eco-system of support in your pocket friendly device!

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MUMZ aims to build a community and a happy place for mothers. We believe, Happy mothers create Happy families.

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Victoria Akhurst, Move For Life

We have worked with Mumz to run our Little Movers dance classes in the Cyberport area for over a year now and from the very beginning, it has been a fantastic partnership! Ekta has such an amazing ability to bring all the parents in the area together and create a strong sense of community and we absolutely love working with her. Could not recommend Mumz enough to HK parents who are looking for a safe and supportive community for their family. Lots of love from the Move For Life team

Kashmira Mehta Doshi

Amazing session on home learning and the difficulties that parents, teachers and children are facing due to the new learning methods. The best part was that every topic was based through experience and the knowledge was not bookish. A lot to takeaway from the experts. Thank You

Mom Entrepreuer Deepa Gupta Founder of RAE

Deepa Gupta

I vividly remember a year back one of our common friend recommended Ekta to work with as we both share common interests. She told me Ekta is very inspiring and thoughtful! But somehow I didn’t get the chance to work with her. A few months later when we crossed paths, her zeal of sharing knowledge among other mothers really touched me ! She takes care of every possible need of her community and is passionate about her work. I look forward to work with her in future as well. Working with Ekta Tejwani MeetMumz was a complete delight!

Lydia Chan

The first event I attended through MUMZ was a talk ‘Moms at crossroads’, back when I was a new mom myself, struggling between career options and the demands of my newborn baby. I left feeling inspired by the sharing from other momtrepreneurs and made few friends who shared similar struggles. Fast forward 6 months and I took the plunge into starting a new venture! Since then I have also joined a series of online talks from breastfeeding to parenting, and I am constantly learning something new from fellow moms. A big shoutout to founder Ekta! who has the passion and vision to connect moms and empower women ❤️

Carol Yeung

THANKS MUMZ for providing the Breastfeeding Support Talks in Tough Times. As a new mother giving birth during this COVID-19 situation, it was definitely thoughtful and timely to give such support. Giving and sharing is gold. Keep up the great work!


Jeannie Leung

Thank you MUMZ for the fabulous Mother’s Day prize giveaway. It’s a wonderful platform to support mothers and meet other fellow parents! I had my coaching session with Deepa Gupta last week and found it quite helpful. The session allowed some much-needed time for reflection on my day-to-day challenges of being a working mum and reminded me of my child’s needs and how I can meet those needs appropriately in the future.


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