Who is Saruchi Chauhan?

Hi I am Saruchi – A Singapore based jewellery designer and mom to my beautiful daughter “LIZU”. I was already running an artisan jewelry business when motherhood happened to me and my already busy days got even busier but definitely more rewarding. It wasn’t easy in the beginning but I had to take care of both my creations – my almost 4 yrs. old daughter and my 8 yrs. old jewelry line. So I continued the hard work and here I am today juggling both successfully and I could not be happier in life.

From a young age, I had been intrigued and inspired by the glittering world of jewellery and the highly skilled art of jewellery making. Over the years this inspiration turned into my passion, and the creative journey of “Saruchi R Jewellery” (SRJ) started in 2014. At SRJ, I believe in “expression of an individual’s uniqueness” which forms a quintessential part of my creative designs. Inspired by people and their modern work lives, my designs are elegant and perfect for all occasions as these reflect genuine authenticity, individual appeal and custom finish which mass-produced items simply don’t have. I love working with precious metals and natural gemstones which are all sourced from our select base of globally reputed suppliers. These are then handcrafted with great precision to create an elegant and chic collection. Being a very hands-on person, I am involved in all aspects of the jewellery making process at SRJ from creative concepts to crafting, finishing and even marketing. I wish that people wearing my creations feel the same joy as I feel while crafting it.

1st Jan 2018 marked the arrival of my super naughty daughter who every now and then wants a piece of my jewelry for herself. She is learning a little something about this trade from me with every passing day. I would love to see her work with me in future, if possible.
I wish rest of my life stays filled with creativity and spark which my daughter brings in to it.

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