Who is Andrea Discepola from the Vin Min?

As Andrea Discepola says:

vin + min is a Singapore-based resort and beachwear label that was started in 2017 in Hong Kong by besties Vinima (aka Vin) & Andrea (aka Min). Vinima, mom of 2 boys, and Andrea, mom of 2 girls, met at their condo play gym one afternoon and the rest is history – the fact was, where there was Vin, there was Min!

As the duration of life in Hong Kong was indefinite at the time, and given all the time the ladies spent together, they often expressed the desire to start a business together. Business ideas were thrown back and forth for months and months! Finally, the beach kaftan concept arose from the duo’s love for glamour & fashion, and can you get any more glamorous than a kaftan? Within 2 months of coming up with their brand name, vin + min literally got down to business and released their Launch Collection in Hong Kong in November 2017, and another month later, they were available online! Sadly, in June 2018, Vinima moved back to the US where she currently works in e-Commerce for a multinational corporation, and Andrea relocated back to her native land, Singapore, where she continues to run the brand.

As a mom, vin + min has allowed Andrea to demonstrate to her girls that we make the most of our situations, look for positivity and joy in all circumstances, and keep an open mind so that we may be able to find our purpose where we didn’t imagine we ever would. A lawyer by training, Andrea has been unable to practice law in Hong Kong or Singapore as she is not locally qualified in either jurisdiction, a requirement for those in family law practice, which still remains a passion of hers. Her journey of becoming qualified as a lawyer has been quite the roller coaster in fact, due to the births of her two daughters in 2012 and 2016 and multiple moves in between, from Australia to Canada to Singapore to Hong Kong and back to Singapore! Feeling quite frustrated at times at the circumstances and always questioning “why did I go through all of that to now be doing nothing [related to the law]”, Andrea is grateful that although life has taken her on a convoluted route, she feels that being a fashion entrepreneur has in turn has given her work-life balance, and most importantly, the ability to put her family first. vin + min has also allowed Andrea to teach her girls about working before playing hard, even on vacations to Bali, where vin + min’s designs are manufactured and most of the photoshoots are done (including putting the girls to work as models for her kids kaftans). vin + min has also provided an avenue for giving back to the community.

In 2020, vin + min transitioned into a not-for-profit brand and all profits from all sales currently go to providing bi-weekly food bags, called “Sembako”, to 30 families in Bali, a true testament of where passion meets purpose. This is only the first step in vin + min’s vision of giving back and making a difference. vin + min endeavours to become a full fledged social enterprise in Bali when travel becomes possible once again.

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