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The Meetmumz App is a geo-location-based networking app that helps mothers swipe and meet other like-minded mothers for playdates and coffee catch-ups based on kids’ age, common interests, and favorite times to meet. The app enables mothers to filter their search and reach out to like-minded mothers. The platform helps to kickstart interest based conversations. connecting mothers to trusted brands and experts. Download Free App on iOS and Android


The app provides a safe space for mothers to connect based on geo-location and promotes businesses created by the Mother/Founder Members.

WhatsApp groups across Asia (HK, SG)

The platform also supports creating hypo-local whatsapp groups to foster connections, particularly for mothers across Asia ( Hong Kong, Singapore, India). These groups help mothers transitioning across countries, knowing about kids activities and support place to ask questions. The Link to join these groups requires authentication of your information. Join WhatsApp Groups for
Singapore and Hong Kong

No Mother Has To Do It Alone.

Meetmumz started with the idea of creating meaningful connections that Empower Mothers to find support, and a safe space to connect.
Through both digital and in-person events, the community is grateful to have members across different nationalities, career & lifestyle choices, from stay at home, corporate careers and mothers running their own businesses. or (as we love to address them) "Mother/Founder")
Based on geo-location and the needs of the tribe, Meetmumz thrives as an eco-system for the community of Mothers and Mother/Founders!

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