Who is Rashmi from Oak Tree Living?

As Rashmi says:

I am Rashmi Lohani, co-founder of Oak Tree Living, an online homeware brand specializing in distinct handcrafted products that are uniquely Indian with a global appeal.
I founded OTL in October 2022 along with my brother Lokesh.

Three words that describe me best are- perfectionist, purposeful and positive. These three attributes have shaped me as a mother and a professional, juggling family and a successful career hand in hand.

From being a media professional to launching my own business venture, it’s been quite a journey. After working in the creative industry for 16yrs in Singapore, conceptualizing and producing content for one of the most iconic kids’ brand, I decided to pursue my dream of becoming a social entrepreneur.

My crossroads moment came in October 2021. I no longer had a full time job, kids were old enough to be fairly independent and I had the confidence and the finances to start my own business, it was now or never!
I’d always had an eye for aesthetics and great appreciation for handmade products. Working with Indian artisans and bringing their creations to Singapore is something I’d often thought about. And it is this passion combined with my desire to be an entrepreneur that resulted in the birth of Oak Tree Living. After a year of research, sourcing and multiple trips to India, I launched my own online homeware brand Oak Tree Living in October, 2022.

OTL is a very lean team and we pretty much handle everything ourselves, right from sourcing to quality checks to making sure that products reach our clients on time. It’s still early days for us so I’m constantly thinking and working on building the brand, which can be a 24/7 job and challenging at times. However, I do try and keep weekday evenings and time on weekends for family, friends and myself.

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