Who is Stuti Sharma from Curiosity Kids?

Stuti is a mother of two curious children. From a young age, her children would ask her lots of questions (like any other kid) about things around them (like why an airplane can fly and they cannot, can they push an elephant?) and Stuti wanted to answer these questions in an age-appropriate and easy to understand manner to foster their curiosity and also to introduce them to simple concepts of science.⁠
She says- “I felt we spend a lot of time teaching maths and languages at a young age but not science! That is when I founded Curiosity, Kids which offers hands-on science experiment classes/parties/camps for young children to help them connect with the important role science plays in the world around them.“⁠

When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my family and love chocolates! 🙂⁠

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Stuti is a member of The Mother/Founder Movement and Community 

She was part of a Co-Founder Collective in 2022 with 5 other brands. The co-founder Collective is a 6-week close group program that focuses on collectively doing One Task to GET.WORK.DONE.




As a core part of the membership, she pledges to shine the light and #payitforward to support other community members.
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