Who is Kajal Naina from the brand Kajal Naina ?

As Kajal says:

I’m Kajal, mom of 3 wonderful girls aged 19, 12 and 10. I’m a Dentist turned Fine Jewellery designer who took a leap of faith 6 years ago and never looked back.

I got into Jewellery designing and starting my own company as an outlet for my creativity that gave me the flexibility of being around for my children whenever they needed me. Like many business owners in our region, the pandemic has presented challenge after challenge. Timely production has been difficult, photoshoots have been canceled; products cannot be shipped out to specific customers due to geography, I’m running a new-ish business with two children at home who need attention. Yet despite all of this and more, our fine jewelry business has seen record sales and growth during this time and as a mother it gives me immense joy to see my children so proud to see their mother working hard and growing as an entrepreneur.

At KN we pride ourselves in our ability to breathe fresh new life into symbolic jewelry while simultaneously giving a stylish and sophisticated nod to my Nepalese roots. I often say that people wear our pieces because they’re beautiful but truly fall in love with them because the pieces are so meaningful. Whether a customer chooses a piece that is inspired by nature, celestially-inspired or one traditionally symbolic – even a simple initial earring or birthstone piece – they’re often a reminder of something special. I’ve outlined more information below and am happy to answer any questions you may have!


– A Multiple International Award-winning brand that has opened its First KN (Kajal Naina) showroom in Hong Kong (drum-roll toot toot toot💃💃 )

– with fine jewelers specializing in diamonds, gemstones, solid gold, and sterling silver.

– Authentically unique and meaningful jewelry celebrating different traditions, cultures and symbolism through jewelry and sharing them with a global audience.

– Brings a distinct depth and stylish sophistication to jewelry rooted in symbolism and meaning.

– Woman-founded and run.

Find & Know More about Kajal Naina and her gorgeous jewelry brand.



Kajal is a member of The Mother/Founder Movement and Community 

In 2019 she had attended our event “At Crossroads” and we are So proud to see her journey to where she is now. Onwards and Upwards


As a core part of the membership, she pledges to shine the light and #payitforward to support other community members.
Click here If you are interested in knowing more about The Mother/Founder Movement & Community. To join us, click here for Association Membership.



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