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Vrinda Jain is passionate about zero-waste, upcycling, and sustainability for many years. She lived in Delhi for 10 years experiencing the first “airpocalypse” when her younger one was only 3 months old. It constantly spurred a feeling of protecting the kids and doing something for the environment.

She decided to move to Singapore in 2019, for a better quality of life and launched her startup Altereco in 2021. She design and curate, contemporary and everyday items made from “waste” – esp. hard to recycle waste like tyre tubes, multilayer packaging, and textile.

They work with both individuals and organizations to help them on their inner journey to gain more self-acknowledgment, strengths awareness and shift their perspectives on life to be more purpose-driven and to create a positive impact.

They have adopted ancient healing techniques, modern science & cognitive methods such as Meditations, Sound Healing, Regression, Strengths Coaching, and Energy Healing to help people discover their authentic selves.


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