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I am a Nutrition Consultant for Babies and Toddlers where I focus on guiding and empowering parents to confidently offer meals to their kids. By creating the right environment, with balanced and varied meals, we will allow our kids to develop a positive relationship with food and their hunger cues.

Additionally, I focus on helping parents holistically heal their babies from any issues, such as Eczema, constipation, food allergies and more, arising from introducing these foods.

I’m an Indian mom, born and brought up in the Caribbean, currently living in Hong Kong raising my twins. I realised early on that the first few years of life set a strong foundation for our future in terms of our health, eating habits and nutrition.

When it came to introducing solids to my babies, I remember it being a very daunting experience. With so much information out there, it was hard to navigate what would work best for my babies based on our diet and lifestyle. This experience paved the way for me to expand my knowledge and become a Certified Nutrition Consultant.

As a Consultant, I help clarify parents’ doubts and provide support for their babies and toddlers to build their taste palettes and obtain optimal growth through nutrient-dense and easily digestible foods.

We all strive to bring up healthy, happy kids. Let’s work together to bring upon the changes that will have a positive impact on our children.


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