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Praveena Mangipudi, She call herself as a lifetime learner. She is a mother of a lovely 6 year old girl.
Coming From a computer science engineering background, She find happiness and solace in arts and crafts. From her childhood days She always loved to draw, paint and creating craftwork. And as luck would have it, it was finally realized in her adult life.
With undying support from her family and her persistent Work of Heart,
She proudly says that what started as a hobby of creating and selling greeting cards in 2013 ,today has become her profession.

Becoming a designer without a formal training can seem like a daunting task to some and in many respects it is. However, with dedication, a natural talent for
creating beauty, lots of hard work and yes, even a little bit of luck, a Dream, can surely become a Reality.

She designs jewellery with Swarovski crystals, quilling(paper filigree), resin and crochet.
She works with resin, threads, clay and paper stock to create crafts , greeting cards and unique products.
Most all are designed and handmade by her. Her designs are loved by the people.
She started conducting workshops on quilling, jewellery making and resin art.
That’s how KRAFTOMANIA happened.
She  have started another platform for customised gifting HAPPYLAH which focuses on personalised gifting ideas.She focus to make people happy and enjoy her handmade products as much as She enjoy making it.

Every single one of her pieces is born out of her passion for the arts and from her heart.


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