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I am Padmaja, mother of 2 amazing children who inspire me to be a better person everyday. When my son was born in 2008, It was a whole new journey ahead of me as a mother. Overwhelmed with a new title that comes with loads of responsibilities. I really felt like a stranger in a new country and who don’t understand that language.

It was 100% rewarding to see my kids hit each milestones. When my son was diagnosed with eczema and rhinitis I was shaken. As no one in my family had eczema. It was very painful to watch my son scratch his skin and his follow up tests were exhausting.

I had to spend a big chunk of time in the hospital to do various follows tests, doctor’s appointment and long wait in the pharmacy to collect the prescription medication. Where I got to observe other parents who were stressed and worried. I could feel them cos I have been through that. Eczema has no cure but it can be managed. It can become very expensive to treat if not managed well due to infection.

That’s how was born to help moms going through this rough days to help lift their stress off from their shoulders and avoid unnecessary medical visit to see a doctor just to get the prescription top up or general health consultation.

Now, we carry products like child skincare products, food supplements, allergy, cold and cough over the counter medicines with the benefit of a subscription plan to never run out of skincare products. Also, we offer our members who makes a purchase of $58 dollars and above one month free tele consultation service with a Singapore registered doctors to make sure the medical care is available 24/7 to meet her family health concerns all from the comfort of their home. Telelconsultation service is advised for kids 2 years and above. Prescription medication and delivery will be billed separately.

Apart from this we do have educational content on our blogs and also organise webinars where medical professionals and allied health professionals can address topics that is more close to the mothers heart.


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