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My name is Lani Nasayao, a brain tumor survivor, mother of 4 daughters and managing director of LS5 Health & Wealth Solutions Ltd.
After my surgery, I immediately began to seek out healthy solutions for recovery. With my newfound free-time and my doctor’s recommendation, I found myself wanting to cook healthier meals for me and my family. After being introduced to Saladmaster, a non-toxic cookware system, I began my road to recovery. I am now the first authorized dealer of Saladmaster in Hong Kong.
Saladmaster has given me the opportunity to promote healthy cooking. It has changed my perspective of health and wellness. Throughout my journey, I have learnt a lot about health and nutrition, healthy eating is important, but healthy cooking comes first.
My goal is to educate and help people learn how proper cookware plays an essential role in nutritional cooking and healthy living with the most advanced nutritional cooking system and how it effects our brain and physical health.
I am not only passionate about this advocacy; I also strongly encourage families to cook together to create lasting bonding memories and share valuable skills.


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