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Hi! I’m Heather, I’m the mom of two very energetic boys and an expat in Singapore. I am always my happiest when doing anything active, walking, hiking, running, lifting, doing yoga, moving my body. I love movement so much that in addition to my corporate 9-5 job in New York City, I also became a vinyasa yoga teacher in 2008.

When I had my first baby, I never expected my body to snap back to where it had been a year prior, but I was not prepared for how vulnerable and weak I would feel. I walked around curling into myself like a shell because I was afraid of getting hurt. It didn’t help that the minute I gave birth all of the attention that had been focused on “mom and baby” during my pregnancy was now just baby and I felt guilty for even wanting to take a moment to “fix” myself.

So I didn’t and my subsequent pregnancy was much more uncomfortable, I had diastasis recti, an umbilical hernia requiring surgery and low back pain. Discovering Restore Your Core® gave me the tools to address my core function in a safe manner and actually regain strength that I thought was lost forever. In addition to the physical benefits, I found the program to be incredibly empowering and self-confidence boosting. I am so excited to have become a teacher of RYC® and I cannot wait to share that those same physical and mental benefits with you.

I am the only teacher in Singapore who is certified to teach the Restore Your Core® Method, designed to help postnatal women heal core and pelvic floor function and regain overall strength. Restore Your Core can help address postnatal issues such as diastasis recti (mummy tummy), pelvic organ prolapse, incontinence, low back pain and more.

Heather offers 8 week in studio classes, 8 week online zoom series as well as 1:1 private sessions.


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