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Who is Dhara Sheth ?

Dhara Seth is an Indian from AamchiMumbai (translates to “My Mumbai”) with lots of dreams, creativity and expressive passion..Her career path unfolded over time, from being a teenager dreaming of becoming a dancer, to realising the dream of being a creative jewellery designer, to heading the product development team of a global jewellery manufacturing house, to being a wonderful wife, a crazy mother and now an independent entrepreneur. This journey has been fulfilling and beautiful. Every stage has taught her to take on new challenges and to move forward. She founded Kasido.HK when she moved to Hong Kong a few years back. The brand derives from the word “Kashida” which is an oldest form of embroidery from India.Her products can be described in two words – colors and fun.

As she says= “We create bold jewellery and clutches, combining a variety of raw materials from all over the world. And yes – they try to ensure that each product is one of a kind, and accessible, at a very affordable price point”

In Dhara words ,”Motherhood is tough but my daughter makes this toughest path for me easier , and it’s filled with lots of fun , drama and entertainment which makes it not so difficult !! Enjoying every moment of it !! living my childhood with her once again ! ”

You can follow her work on


Dhara’s Passion for Life through her poetry, her work, her creatives, her experiments, her zeal to live the ups and downs of life through a smile on her face is very intoxicating.Anyone who meets her, or sees her work can easily say, as a woman – she does as she says! We are Super Proud to Celebrate Dhara’s Journey in Life and Wish her all the Success in Spreading Happiness
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