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Deepika is a mother of two boys ( 5.5 and 7 years old). After the birth of her second son in 2016, She quit a successful career in banking and finance to become a full-time mum. During this time, She also changed her diet to a whole food plant-based diet from a meat-based diet and noticed a significant increase in her energy levels and overall well-being. She wanted to do the same for her boys who are very active and require a lot of energy. Finding nutritious plant-based products for them was a big challenge especially in a market that is filled with unhealthy and sugary products for kids.

Although She restrained from giving them any sugary or packaged snacks, She realized that their taste palates had to be satisfied as well especially when their friends would offer them sugary treats. Faced with the challenge of providing snacks that were nutrient-packed for their growing bodies but at the same time appealing to their taste buds, she spent a lot of time and energy trying to create healthy snacks that are made from natural ingredients and contain no artificial sweeteners.

While talking to her other mum friends, she realized that they too were looking for alternatives to the widely available unhealthy snacks. This realization got her thinking about sharing the snacks approved by her boys with other mums with the hope of providing some help with healthy nutritious snacks for their kids. She started preparing snacks for their kids and through word of mouth for their friends’ kids.

And her business of freshly baked vegan and plant-based bites started!

All the snacks are freshly baked to order. They are hearty, nutrient-dense, power-packed, made with natural sweeteners, and completely plant-based. These treats are truly guilt-free so even adults can enjoy them! Her husband regularly eats muffins or sugar-free brownies with his afternoon tea and doesn’t have to worry about afternoon snacking issues anymore.

Her kids would still occasionally eat that candy or enjoy a slice of regular cake but they’ve learned to limit their consumption of such items and are more aware of the difference between healthy and junk food. She feels that this is a big win not just for now but for their entire life.

Her venture is at a very nascent stage and She is new to the world of entrepreneurship. But She truly believes in her goal of educating kids about clean eating habits and showing them that healthy food can be delicious.


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