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Deepa Gupta is a Fun Loving, Optimistic, and a Student of Life. Her Simple Living approach lead her to embark on the journey of Life Coaching. She joyfully shares her 21 years of motherhood experience and 5 years of professional learning with other parents as well as young adults.

Her aim is to empower parents to raise their parenting awareness in the changing world. She passionately supports parents of all age groups through her 3 services:

1) Supportive Parenting Modules, which are based on Positive Mindset, Effective Communication, and Emotional Intelligence, are 3 fundamental pillars of her parenting modules, she provides this service either one to one, with your spouse, or even in a group with likeminded friends. It helps to start your parenting on a positive note.

2)One- to- One coaching methods, deals in very specific situations, tailor-make, very focused on clients goals.

3) Dialogue Hour, is her special gift to her members where she creates a supportive and safe space for her community for them to share and learns from fellow mothers.

She believes in, It takes a village to raise a child – we all are in this together!

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