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I am Angie Tourani, mother of 2 teenage kids.

As a mom of 2 young kids in 2005, I was looking for a holistic health care system to look after my kid’s health, as I was tired of giving them western medication for colds, flues, and general infections. In my search for holistic healthcare to provide my kids safe and non- invasive health solution, I came across the BodyTalk System.  I started my journey by taking a seminar with the BodyTalk system, this seminar transformed my life and my perspective on health and wellness.  I started using BodyTalk treatments for my kids and saw pleasant results, as kids never felt sick and rarely took a sick leave from the school. This inspired me to take BodyTalk professionally, I started seeing great transformations in client’s health.  I wanted to bring this holistic healthcare to our community and parents, therefore trained as Instructor, to teach BodyTalk and MindScape wellness workshop and train people to become a therapist in this field.  It has been a rewarding journey to share this light of health and wellness will many people in the last decade.

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