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Angela Hancock a Health and Wellness Coach, Fitness Leader. A mom to an 18 year old , Angela Hancock founded Bust-A-Rut in 2014, a company which is dedicated to helping women over 40 stay feeling young and vibrant. She combines her knowledge of nutrition, fitness and mindset to help her clients create lasting lifestyle changes. I’ve been a fitness instructor for over 20 years and when I look back, I am the same, and yet everything has changed. I still workout regularly, I still love teaching classes, and although I am a vegetarian now, I still eat cake, biscuits and pizza, but now I enjoy them and don’t feel guilty for doing so.
In her joourney of motherhood,
She shares:
Being a mum is the greatest gift and having a daughter is like having a best friend too.Nothing really prepares you for motherhood: it can be overwhelming at times. Each stage is distinct and comes with it’s own challenges and of course rewards. I have found that the key to maintaining a strong and loving relationship with my daughter has been acceptance, validation and holding a safe space.
Its hard to believe that my daughter is now 18, it only seems like yesterday that I was cradling her in my arms and wishing for the grace of god to protect her. Now, I still wish the same, but also pray that she remembers that she has everything she needs inside her to achieve her dreams.
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A Big Thumbs up for Angela and her Workout sessions!
If you can attend even one, virtual or in person, you will know, she will sweat it out for you.. and for sure make you do the same! A Def Thumbs up!!
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