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MUMZ Pregnancy – The Hospital Bag



Want to get the A detailed Pregnancy shopping checklist with details of what to buy and not with tips collated from the experiences of mothers!

Get the Pregnancy List from MUMZ – The Pregnancy List

Contents Cover :

  1. A letter from the founder
  2. Mumz Pregnancy List with Tips: Essentials for Breastfeeding, Bottle Feeding, Diapering, Bathing, Nursery, Clothes & Accessories, Medicine Box, Travel & Accessories, For the Mother
  3. Mumz Hospital CheckList
  4. Access to the New Moms Club

A soft-copy of Hospital Bag Checklist with key things to pack when you are about to start a brand new chapter of life – Motherhood!



A platform that helps mothers gracefully transition from early pregnancy to toddler years! Hand-holding you, we partner with international experts, brands and organisations directly to your doorstep! Swipe and Connect with like-minded mothers, based on area and kids age with our Free, Tinder Like App for Moms, MUMZ
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