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Keith Low-Mobile Photography Workshop


Providing reliable & professional photography services for various government and private sectors locally and overseas since the 1990s. Keith Low, the director of Pictorial established it in 2005 with the intention of promoting a more optimized way of learning photography, gained through rich experiences from various local & overseas photography assignments conducted. Since then Keith has been actively promoting photography to consumers and corporate industries. Through these years, it has won the hearts of many budding photographers and camera makers with its professionalism in training and photography services. More than 20000 participants from local and international have joined the series of photography courses and workshops in Singapore.

“I am never keen in big classes as I prefer to devote more of my attention whenever my participants require them, hence optimizing my participants learning process within the shortest period .”

– Keith Low

Smartphone technology has changed our lives, including how we communicate. Now, no matter where we travel, we’ve got our phones with us; along with its built-in high-performance camera that shoots like an interchangeable lens camera.
The phone camera’s most exclusive feature? It allows immediate sharing of well-taken pictures on any social media.

The flow of picture sharing and storage has also evolved over the years. The consumer is no longer limited to personal albums and wallet photos, CDs, or DVDs, with affordable cloud storage alternatives for storage, viewing, and sharing all done securely. With the possibility of many people seeing our photographs in real-time, the elements of knowing good “phoneography” are important. It’s a game-changer in how photography is created especially for New Businesses! Given the fact that mobile devices now rival the capabilities of many digital cameras, image quality is no longer an issue. Supporting Business Owners To Start their journey by clicking their own amazing photographs till they find the financial support to hire a professional..

So join us for a Session by a Seasoned Company Conducting Workshops With a Special Price Promotion for MeetMumz Members)

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