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Science S.T.E.M. Sessions with Stuti Sharma



Enjoy hands-on activities are tailored to the appropriate age range and include all the right fun science equipment and materials including lab coats, goggles, test tubes and more for in-person activities! Ages 3 – 9 years. You can choose from: Slime Splash / Science Toys/ Make your own perfume etc or Pick your own combination of 2-3 activities to build a custom 1-hour session. If you have another activity or theme in mind, contact us to make it come alive!

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Private STEM Based Science Sessions for Kids Aged 3 – 6 yrs. These sessions can be arranged online or in-person ( Singapore, Hong Kong)

* STEM accredited award winning program
* Certified and reputable teaching staff
* Varied and engaging lesson plans
* Tailored experiments based on a child’s age
* Seasonal and festive experiments
* Flexible schedule

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Online Class Duration: 45 mins

In-Person Class duration : 1 hour(Min 4 – Max 6)



VOLCANO EXPLOSIONS! Our most exciting experiment! Each child creates their own volcanic eruption in a test tube using ingredients that can be found in any kitchen. This experiment introduces the concept of chemistry and how a reaction takes place when you add two different things. We add food color to our volcanic eruption to make it look like Lava! A great way to get them started for the party! Recommended for ages 3+

WALKING WATER! This experiment seems to defy gravity and get the little curious minds wondering how is this happening. And as we always say…”there’s science behind it!” Children explore and observe how water moves through different mediums. We introduce how primary colours can be mixed to make a completely different colour. Recommended for ages 4+

CATAPULT! This is a simple physics experiment teaching children how stored energy can be used to throw objects far away! We share the history of the catapult as effective equipment during ancient times and how it makes a great toy for kids to experiment how heavy and light objects behave when pushed from the same catapult. Children are super proud of their creation’s and love playing with it during the party and later at home. Children will make their own catapult at the party to bring home. Recommended for ages 3+

MAGIC COLOUR EXPLOSION! During this experiment children discover they can make beautiful colourful patterns by a simple chemical reaction. This experiment explains that milk which is made up of water also contains proteins and fat, and fat and protein molecules behave differently when introduced to a household chemical. Children use different colours to make these patterns and enjoy watching them unfold ! Recommended for ages 3+

COLORFUL OIL BUBBLES! This experiment is visually the most exciting as children will form a layer of oil and add small droplets of colored water on top of that layer. It looks beautiful. This experiment beautifully explains how oil is lighter than water and how oil and water molecules don’t mix (they are not friends!). This experiment also gets children to concentrate to get those beautiful droplets gently land on the oil! Children will use their magnifying glasses to see these bubbles nice and big. Recommended for ages 5+



ULTIMATE SLIME PARTY! The most wanted experiment of all – Slime! Children will learn how to make slime using simple ingredients. They will also explore how using ingredients in different quantity can make the slime’s consistency very different. Recommended for ages 5+

PERSONALISED PERFUME PARTY! Our smelliest party! Children will have fun making their own fragrances in test tubes, like the top perfumeries worldwide. We use natural scents – rose, lavender and more- for them to find their signature notes. Perfect for the pickiest of party-goers! Recommended for ages 4+

BATH BOMB BONANZA! With so much time at home lately, we are adding this special activity to make the most of your tubs! Children will learn about chemistry and mixing elements of different mediums to create a bath bomb. The science lesson continues at home for bath time as they learn about chemical reactions! (TO BE OFFERED FROM 2021)

BATH OIL INDULGENCE! Our most relaxing offer- the Bath Oil Indulgence is a variation of the personalized perfume party. We use different liquids to see the density of water versus oil. We then take natural elements and use it to scent the oil to be taken home. This is another perfect takeaway part favor, as children can continue to enjoy their bath oil at bath time! (TO BE OFFERED IN 2021)


Curiosity Kids

Curiosity was started by parents of two curious children who would constantly ask them questions such as how do plants grow? why do we see the moon only at night etc. etc. To encourage this habit of exploring their world their mum started to plan simple experiments for them to understand concepts of science that come into play in our daily lives.

Curiosity offers practical science experiment classes to foster the habit of observing and exploring! Our ideology is to encourage children to connect with science and learn what role science plays in our daily lives. This connection to science with our daily life activities (whether it’s brushing our teeth, or riding on the school bus) makes learning exciting and enjoyable for young minds.

Know about the founder, STUTI, with our WHO-IS-SHE feature



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