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Do we need any reason to feel festive? The journey of motherhood becomes more beautiful and less challenging when we learn the importance of self-love. In this section, we just want to share the little things that can help you cherish yourself, as much as you cherish the moments with your loved ones!

Gift yourself being a MUMZ !

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  • Special Offers Mumz in Mind Pregnancy Series

    Mumz in Mind Pregnancy Series



    If you’re pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant, you probably have so many questions and concerns about your pregnancy journey – you want to do what’s best for you and your baby. You will perhaps spend hours googling pregnancy health advice and of course everyone around you will or already has an opinion. With so much information thrown at you it can become overwhelming.  This is why MeetMumz has teamed up with OM-Experts to open up access to some of the most sought after pregnancy classes delivered by highly accredited women’s health experts that specialise in these matters.​

    MUMZ in MIND is here to help you ’embrace your motherhood journey with confidence!’

    Session 1:Limiting Aches & Pains During Pregnancy by JULIETTE DUTOIS

    Session 2:Exercise During Pregnancy by EMMA WARNER, Women’s Health Trainer & Rehabilitation Specialist

    Session 3: Breastfeeding : Whats Normal ? by LOUISE HERBERT Certified Breastfeeding Specialist

    Session 4: Meet Mumz Interactive Session by Anca Griffts & Ekta Tejwani 

  • Special Offers Mumz in Mind Pregnancy Series-OM & Meet Mumz

    Mumz in Mind- Breastfeeding: Whats Normal?


    Breastfeeding can bring many highs and lows, but in learning how to work with our biology**, as opposed to against it, and by normalizing attachment and responsiveness in the mother-baby dyad, this class sets out to leave you feeling informed, confident and even more in sync with your baby (if that was even possible!)

    Sunday August 15th 9 am HKT/SGT)

    From initiating breastfeeding to weaning, this class shines a light on what to expect from each stage of the breastfeeding journey. Louise will explore:
    – The common challenges
    – How to normalize human biology above cultural conditioning
    – The facts behind milk supply
    – Breastfeeding and sleep
    – Breastfeeding past infancy

  • Special Offers

    Mumz in Mind – Limiting Aches & Pains


    This class is designed for women who wish to get pregnant and expectant mothers who are looking to understand their body better through their pregnancy journey.

    (Monday July 26th 11:30 AM SGT/HKT)

    Being pregnant can be an overwhelming journey for many woman and it is often a surprise how much the body changes… whether it’s physical or physiological. Understanding and being aware of what can happen to your body during the different stages of pregnancy is the key to a healthy journey and helps to create an healthy environment for your baby.

    Your posture changes a lot as your bump grows and with the additional hormonal changes, this can put stress and strain in different areas. Understanding how to optimise your work environment, home and sleep positions and how to look after your body at this time is important.

  • Special Offers Meetmumz_Brand Partner_The Body Talk

    Holistic Treatments to Improve Immunity


    BodyTalk System, a holistic therapy grounded in the belief that living organisms have the capability to heal themselves more effectively than any technology used today, combines elements of both Eastern and Western medicine to facilitate personal healing and growth. By addressing the entire person rather than one specific issue, BodyTalk provides a ‘whole-healthcare’ system that promotes emotional, physical and physiological well-being!

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    Enjoy a Free 20 Minute consultation with the specialist!