Pregnancy & Postpartum

Pregnancy is an incredible and beautiful time in any woman’s life – So They Say! The anticipation, excitement or complete cluelessness of “What next?” made us start what we do best – Helping fellow moms, so that this “actually beautiful for a couple of moments” journey, feels entirely the most cherished and blissful experience of your life! Join us and Let’s together make it incredible and beautiful! 

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  • Special Offers MeetMumz Pregnancy-The Hospital Bag

    Things to Buy Pregnancy List


    A detailed Pregnancy shopping checklist with details of what is essential and what is optional. The document can be freely downloadable :

    Contents are:

    1. A letter from the founder
    2. Mumz Pregnancy List with Tips
    3. Mumz Hospital CheckList
  • Hospital Bag Checklist


    What should I pack for the Hospital Bag?
    It’s a good idea to ready your bag by 35 weeks of pregnancy. Find your checklist for PostPartum needs
    for things to be kept in the hospital bag!

    Contents Cover :

    1. A letter to the mom
    2. Mumz Hospital CheckList


  • Special Offers

    Sleep Consultant- Angela Wang

    “Your personal sleep whisperer: I’m so glad you’re here because I know that caring for a baby is exhausting. We all love to sleep and being healthy mentally, emotionally, and physically. And let’s face, with a baby or toddler, that’s not easy!”

    Raising her two boys, angela has learned a lot about helping a baby sleep, teaching communication, and potty training that can make your life easier! Her firstborn is a special needs child who enjoys music and bringing smiles to everyone. She learned Bio-dynamic Craniosacral therapy to better support his overall growth and development. Her second son was quite a nightmare until he was 18-month-old. His sleep was like a roller coaster ride, and he just constantly woke up to be fed like an infant. The exhaustion and anxiety of being up every night, taking my oldest to therapies each day, providing play time and nurturing during the day led her to the discovery of a sleep consultant on Facebook. Just 3-5 days after implementing the sleep plan she learned from the consultant, the entire house was sleeping. Her nearly one and half years of sleep deprivation were over and my obsession with sleep began! So she decided to go on to earn my pediatric sleep consultant certification from the Sleep Sense program. This led her to create her early childhood communication community so she could help parents avoid the unnecessary exhaustion, stress, and anxiety during the early years.

    Many parents today are feeling exhausted. Their world is in chaos as it feels like their life is spiraling out of control just because their child is not sleeping well.  They often compare themselves to other parents and have the feeling of inadequacy thinking they are making mistakes.

    As a sleep consultant, having served hundreds of parents, I know exactly what you are going through. I also know it doesn’t have to be that way. In just 14 days, I guide parents to establish good sleep habits for their children so they can get their life back.  Where they now feel confident and have the freedom to experience “Me” time again.”

    Welcome! Book a Free Consultation Call!

  • Special Offers

    Postpartum Recovery Box


    First-ever in Asia, a kit designed and curated with the best-in-class assortment of postpartum recovery essentials. With 4 boxes to choose from, each box comes with items to help a mother in her postpartum phase. Alleviating the early struggles of being a new mother, the box focuses on your health and mental wellness while you focus on taking care of your baby.

    A Perfect Gift of Love For a New Mom!

  • Special Offers Mom Entrepreuer-Charu Surtani-Founder of Diet

    Creativity, Entrepreneurship & Innovation


    Diet events are a full-service, hospitality solution provider that specializes in the planning and execution of tailor-made co-operate, public and exclusive events. On March 1st, Diet Events is coming together with other organizations to help cultivate creativity and innovation in an entrepreneur’s life! This is a Free event! March 1 ( Tuesday), 6:30 pm, Online […]

  • Special Offers

    Natural Deodorant & Skincare by Sheetal & Anita


    ZeroYet100 is founded on the principle that Natural is better. Their products are formulated with ingredients derived from nature with potent innate properties. Thus, nothing toxic yet totally effective. For across their website, avail 10% off all product range, with Meetmumz!



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