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    Angela Cam (Easy English For Kids)


    Easy English For Kids aka EEK represents the brand Apples to Pears, which is a company in the UK. We are the sole distributor of their brand Gifts in a Tin here in Hong Kong.These tins make wonderful gifts for children and others, they are compact in stunning tins. This makes them the ideal play item to pop in your bag and take out with you to keep littles ones busy when needed, especially when eating out or travelling.  The tins all contain items that can either be made or built and played with, the idea is to spark children’s imagination.


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    Enriching Filipino Learning Resources by Camille


    10% off All Cultural and Heritage Activity Products for Children!

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    English Cursive Writing with Seema


    Seema Aul is the founder of “Seema Skills Zone” has been in the field of coaching kids since 1989 through her Life skill training programs. She coaches kids from class 1 – 12 to become self-aware of their inherent capabilities. When kids undergo their training, they become self-reliant, and responsible individuals to create value for themselves in their own life as well as for others they interact with. On purchase of any of the Language courses, You may choose to use 1 Free Session available to attend the ORIGAMI WORKSHOP 

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    Early Childcare Playroom Singapore – Carina Joos


    A place for kids to play and adults to take a break! (Singapore only) Within the tranquility of Horse City, the Rocking Horse Playhouse offers a safe environment for babies to crawl and explore, toddlers to play with high-quality toys, and adults to bond with their children, get to know other parents or simply to […]

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    Science S.T.E.M. Sessions with Stuti Sharma


    Enjoy hands-on activities are tailored to the appropriate age range and include all the right fun science equipment and materials including lab coats, goggles, test tubes and more for in-person activities! Ages 3 – 9 years. You can choose from: Slime Splash / Science Toys/ Make your own perfume etc or Pick your own combination of 2-3 activities to build a custom 1-hour session. If you have another activity or theme in mind, contact us to make it come alive!

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    Busy Bags For Toddlers by Tulika Agarwal


    These super easy grab-and-go bags keep little ones’ hands and minds engaged while they learn. Little Ninja Learn pouches come with at least 2 different activities that will keep your child entertained. These bags help in developing skills through

    • Hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills
    • Colour, pattern, and number recognition
    • Counting and sorting
    • Creativity!

    There are also suggested extension activities to challenge them and you can always encourage them to use their imaginations and come up with new ways to play.
    Find more about the brand and the founder, Tulika Agarwal below. To avail 20% discount across all products shop here

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    Quiet Books For Kids by Hai-anh

    Toddlerhood is fascinating because, in this cute and crucial growth period, many important developmental milestones happen at this age, (learning to get dressed? potty training? having a new sibling? moving to a new city? still sucking their thumb? … to name a few). These beautiful books and toys help kids stay quiet, focused, and creative while practicing skills and instilling habits targeted to their needs – be it fine motor skills or cognitive skills, personal independence, creativity, or social-emotional learning.  They also become a special way to tell stories, inspire, and empower – a special time of bonding for parents and children on the playmat or on the go.




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    Kindermusik Sessions (HK only) by Crisel Consunji & Team


    Focussed on early child development through kindermusik Baumhaus teachers have Licensed Kindermusik educators who are trained in early childhood education through music.
    Trained to engage in age-appropriate communication with children, understand the actual age-specific developmental differences among the sub-age groups of 0-3, The teachers are also Trained to use positive behavior management specifically for young learners (ie teach parents & caregivers tools in early childhood development) apart from being trained singers and  musicians! Kindermusik believes in providing songs and other learning materials (delivered digitally) to all families each month. That means they take the learning home, and incorporate into daily routines, empowering the parents and caregivers to support their child’s development!

    Mumz is an official Private Satellite Brand Partner For Mumz Kindermusik Sessons! To Enrol: You may reach out to us here.

    To Enjoy 10% Off All their Merchandise ( Musical Instruments, Giraffe Book, and other Instruments)( For Sale only in Hong Kong)

  • Enriching Primary Learner by Aradhana Iyer Vohra


    Let Kids Enjoy Reading! Age Group-6-11

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