Five Universal Postpartum Needs of a Woman

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Five Universal Postpartum Needs of a Woman


The postpartum period also referred to as ‘The Fourth Trimester is crucial in a woman’s life. A woman’s body goes through enormous changes throughout pregnancy and childbirth. A dramatic estrogen and progesterone level in the body during childbirth may contribute to postpartum depression. This leaves the new mother feeling sluggish tired and causes sleep-related issues. However, postpartum depression can be sailed through if you know the five universal postpartum needs.

Extended Rest Period

Enough rest is crucial for new mothers and must not be compromised. Fully recovering from pregnancy and childbirth can take months. While many women feel mostly recovered by 6-8 weeks, it may take longer than this to feel like yourself again. You may feel as though your body has turned against you during this time. Around the world, new mothers are expected to rest for the first 20 to 60 days after giving birth. It is important to get as much rest and sleep as possible to combat the tiredness and fatigue of childbirth.

Nourishing Food

 Like any other human being, a new mother needs a perfectly balanced meal. A balanced diet emphasizing protein in each meal is an essential aspect of postnatal care for a woman. Including certain super-foods is a great idea to recover the body after childbirth. Dates, sesame, nuts, sweet potato, etc., are a few super-foods you can include in your diet as a new mom. As they say so rightly, what you eat is what you become.

Loving Touch

A woman’s body goes through tremendous changes during birth and postpartum. It’s important to have caring touch during this period of healing. Loving touch helps the woman struggling with breastfeeding, battling the onslaught of hormones and emotions, what feels like a barrage of visitors, achieve an elevated level of feel-good hormones like oxytocin and serotonin. A hug from anyone surrounding the mother can be a great help, but the partner has the most vital role to play in this aspect of postpartum care of a woman showing signs of postpartum depression.

The Presence of Wise Women and Spiritual Companionship

Women need to know that they are not alone and can relax because other women can care for the home, the baby, and themselves in this new, vulnerable state. So, next time you visit a new mom, you may consider helping her with tasks rather than giving her a piece of advice that she may not need. A woman who understands postpartum struggles can genuinely be a messiah for a new mother because all she needs to know is that postpartum may be challenging, but it can be sailed through.


Connect with Nature

In our high-tech, fast-paced lives, we often forget about the tremendous teacher and resources we have in the natural world. A connection with nature can help you sail through the journey of motherhood smoothly. Whether going for hikes, chilling at the beach, or an outdoor walk, connecting with nature can elevate your mood, pump up your energy, and make postpartum a comparatively easier journey.

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