Seema's Skill Zone

Seema , the Founder of Seema Skills Zone has been in the field of coaching kids since 1989 through her Life skill training programs. She coaches kids from classes 1 - 12 to become self-aware of their inherent capabilities. When kids undergo their training, they become self-reliant, and responsible individuals to create value for themselves in their own life as well as for others they interact with.

One of the life skill training programs she conducts is through the medium of handwriting formation/correction of English(Cursive) and Hindi(National Language of India).

Through this training program, kids develop:
* Positive mindset
* Mindful listening & observation skill
* Higher level of concentration and longer attention span to study effectively
* Lear to willingly avoid distractions
* Self-confidence, self-motivation to win over challenges
* Strong sense of responsibility towards their academic performance
* Determination to achieve their goals
* Become courageous, wise and compassionate individuals

She will be introducing some more life skill training programs in the near future.

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