A mother embarks on her motherhood with full enthusiasm and passion, but on the way she often finds herself alone, confused, anxious, and fearing her child's failure.

To create mother-child friendly relationship and ensuring her child's fulfilment of potential, RAE (Reflect Adapt Evolve) was established to support stay home moms, executive moms, mumpreneurs, and #millenniums too! Parenting is not hardship or a destination. It is about enjoying, learning, and cherishing the family bond.

RAE, led by Deepa Gupta, is a coaching company that helps achieve high performance by enhancing their emotional resilience and positive mindset. This empowers mothers to enhance her relationships, parenting skills, conflicts, aspirations, and even her money insecurities.

Know about the founder, DEEPA GUPTA, on our WHO-IS-SHE Feature.



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