Aveita is a small, women owned business, founded in Hong Kong in 2020. The brand launched with a range of comfortable, breathable, anti-bacterial and sustainable face masks for the whole family.

Sarah, a success coach focusing on holistic solutions & conscious living, and Joanne, a financial consultant & wellness advocate, teamed up to bring the concept of Conscious Simplicity to Hong Kong.

Our passion for Conscious Simplicity and living in a way that supports our community and planet led us to the birth of Aveita Limited. We believe in putting comfort first without sacrificing on style or environmental impact. Our focus is sustainability, shopping local, conscious consumption and community. We are humbled that our comfortable, breathable, anti-bacterial masks have been a hit in Hong Kong, and we are excited that our 100% Organic Pure Ginger powder released this Jan 2021. We have ultra soft, light as air, seamless bras for women of all shapes and cup sizes and your new favourite underwear to work out in in development here in Hong Kong and can’t wait to bring them to you - stay tuned!

Where east meets west, we blend the best of both worlds to help communities around the world. We curate products with a focus on health, wellness and beauty while reducing packaging waste as much as possible for a sustainable future.

Consciousness starts with awareness. It starts with us.

Know about the Founder,Sarah Kalmeta, with our WHO-IS-SHE Feature

Sarah Kalmeta


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