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About Mumz

When the journey of being a mother begins, a new chapter unfolds ahead of us, and a not so easy one at that! To make this ongoing journey a beautiful experience right from the start, MUMZ was conceived.

Expecting Moms, Single Moms, Working Moms, Stay at home Moms, Mumpreneurs AND Dads too! In short, all can parent while having fun. We strongly support and believe that

“Happy mothers create Happy families”. 


A Platform for Mums, MeetMumz helps you find friends based on area, similar kids age, common interests, and favourite times to meet. 

“Friends are the family you choose yourself”

Our Story

The Story Of Mumz

The Story Of MUMZ From the Founder: “I grew up in a large extended family, playing with cousins over the summer break. I have fond memories of going to parks, climbing trees, having fun on the seesaw, sharing food, fun and laughter, sleepovers and sharing space with all my cousins, uncles & aunts. Those memories are still deeply etched in my mind. I was always fed by multiple pair of hands, nurtured and loved in a secure environment, surrounded by my extended family I decided and persevered to create that community where similar-minded mothers could meet, make friends while their kids played happily (mostly!), discuss life goals or shopping trends, have a place to connect with your likes & voila the idea of MUMZ was born. Like a dating app - for mums!” I see MUMZ emerging as a family that embraces all mothers help each other find a happy place


  • 1

    June 2018

    The idea was conceived as a personal need and a gap in the market. Facebook Group Meetmumz Launched.

  • 2

    August 2018

    Hit first 100 member mark

  • 3

    December 2018

    Organized 20 events, Partnerships with first 10 businesses.

  • 4

    January 2019

    Launched Crowdfunding

  • 5

    March 2019

    111% success to crowdfunding campaign, First Pop-Up Bazaar ( 18 Vendors) , Launch of Beta APP

  • 6

    April 2019

    500 Member Mark

  • 7

    May 2019

    Founder Baby#2, Hired First Team Member

  • 8

    October 2019

    100 Events Mark with 45 different business collaborators

  • 9

    March 2020

    Launch of Webseries- Mumz Talks

  • 10

    May 2020

    Launch of Who Am I - Celebrating Motherhood

  • 11

    May 2020

    Launch of Other features on APP

  • 12

    July 2020

    1000 Member Mark


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