Balancing the Unbalance as a New-age Mother

Motherhood brings you immense exhilaration. The joy of motherhood is more significant than most accomplishments in life, but motherhood comes with its share of challenges. However, it isn’t an unrecognized fact anymore that new-age mothers ace the act of balancing the unbalance because they are both career-centric and child-centric.

Some of the many challenges that new moms face are feeling the guilt of not devoting all their time to the child, making difficult decisions to leave a sick child home, feeling perennially sleep-deprived, unsolicited pieces of advice, struggling with postpartum depression, etc. Dealing with these issues without compromising their career is a daunting task but a practical approach towards life. Multi-tasking, new-age ways of raising a child, self-belief, and awareness about ask

ing for help when required are some attributes that help these millennial mothers be wonder women.
We cannot ignore the role of men in helping these mothers balance the unbalance by lending support and acknowledging the fact that gender roles are a myth. A partner plays a crucial role in the lives of these new-age mothers and can massively affect how smoothly she sails through conception, pregnancy, and beyond.

The new-age mother is an inspiration to many mothers and a lesson to society that a mother choosing herself is still a loving mother. After all, only a happy mother can raise a happy child.

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