About Us

When the journey of being a mother begins, a new chapter unfolds ahead of us, and a not so easy one at that! To make this ongoing journey a beautiful experience right from the start, MUMZ was conceived. 

Expecting Moms, Single Moms, Working Moms, Stay at home Moms, Mumpreneurs AND Dads too! In short, all can parent while having fun. We strongly support and believe that 

“Happy mothers create Happy families”. 

A Tinder for Mums, MUMZ helps you find friends based on area, similar kids age, common interests and favourite times to meet. 

Connect with others riding the same boat and make it a tad bit easier and beautiful. Find activities and events happening nearby, create and join playdates, 

Enjoy the discount and deals offered by other mum-z-preneurs and organizations. 

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“Friends are the family you choose yourself”